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Alcyon Baby Miniko Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser

LS018 The baby Miniko is a petite but effective Ultrasonic, Aromatherapy diffuser, perfect for creating a relaxing environment at home and work. Compact enough to pack and take away to enjoy at anytime, anywhere. Add a few drops of  your favourite essential oil to create a calming and relaxed environment.  

Aryya Luna Ultrasonic Bamboo Aromatherapy Diffuser

LS017 The Luna is a beautiful dome shaped  diffuser, made from glass and bamboo. The Luna will compliment any decor, with its subtle colours and sleek shape. Its colour changing LED light creates a relaxing mood. Perfect for the home or office. Create a relaxed and therapeutic environment by adding just a few drops of your favourite essential oils, or essential oil blends. Make your home a place to relax and recharge by using the wellness benefits of an aroma diffuser.  

Aryya Ultrasonic Bamboo Aromatherapy Teardrop Diffuser

SKU: LS016 Introducing  the Aryya teardrop diffuser, where contemporary meets functional. This frosted glass and bamboo diffuser is multifunctional. Use it to disperse your favourite essential oils, creating a relaxing and calming environment. Utilise the subtle lighting to illuminate any room with a functional night light.

Bah Humbug 1 Four Delicious Humbug Flavours

Who doesn’t love a good humbug or two? From young to old, this hamper will be in a hit. Four delicious humbug flavours presented in a beautiful keepsake box. Made to share or hide it away and indulge yourself in a sweet or two. A great birthday or sharing gift.        

Bah Humbug 2

Who doesn’t love a good humbug or two? From young to old, this hamper will be in a hit. Five delicious flavours presented in a keepsake box. Made to share or just indulge yourself in a sweet or two.  

Choc Delight Sharing Hamper

For all the lovers of chocolate. This hamper is filled with chocolate treats sure to delight. Made to share, or just indulge yourself.    

Crowd Pleaser Gourmet Sharing Hamper

This hamper is sure to be a Crowd Pleaser. Filled with locally source sweet and savoury delights, this hamper is guaranteed to cater to both sweet tooths and savoury lovers. Great for any occasion.  

Galaxy Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser

Eye catching and therapeutic. This beautiful glass diffuser will enhance any room. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil and sit back and relax as the diffuser uses gentle cool air streams to send out the aromatherapy. Creating a restful and calming space throughout your home.
This diffuser does not use heat, so it can be used safely in any room of the house. With 2  different night light settings you can set the tone for a restful sleep, happy in the knowledge that the safety controls mean you can have this anywhere in your home

Gourmet Grazing Hamper

This hamper is sure to please. Filled with delicious locally sourced gourmet savoury delights, The Grazing hamper is great for sharing with friends, family or colleagues. Just unpack and enjoy a wide selection of tasty treats, washed down with a drop of Australian owned red wine or white wine.

Handmade Marble Glass Aromatherapy Diffuser

Beautiful handmade marble diffuser, perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere in any environment. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to enhance the feeling of tranquility and relaxation. Requires no heat or open flames. Subtle lighting, with six different colours, with the ability to set colour on or off. Built in safety features and 3 night light settings.  

Nuggets and Nuts Savoury Hamper

If you prefer nuts over sweets, this Hamper is the perfect match for you. Share with others or indulge yourself in a selection of locally sourced gourmet nuts. From honey roasted cashews to spicy wasabi mix, who could resist these wonderful products.  

Nuts and Nibbles Gourmet Gift Hamper


Nuts and Nibbles is generously packed with a wide selection of savoury gourmet nibbles. Honey roasted peanuts and Grampian & Co olives are just some of our hand selected products, chosen for their quality and delicious flavours. Perfect accompaniment with a red or white wine.